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If you are organising a Catamaran hire Sydney all the information you need. Whether its a party cruise or family event you are looking for. This will guide you. sometime this year, or maybe even next year. You want to be sure that the event is one that those attending will remember for a long time to come.

When searching the Internet for party ideas you will come across all the old favourites:




A Day at the races


Plus, the almost essential ingredient, a few drinks at a bar or two. Probably some food and maybe, just maybe, a bit of adult entertainment thrown in.

Whether or not you decide on an activity such as those listed above. Any of them would make a great lead up to the highlight of the day – the evening itself. You should give some thought to what kind of experience you and your fellow bucks will enjoy. Time to consider a few options and find a suitable party boat in Sydney.

Finding a boast in Sydney can be a problem. Especially if you leave it too late – these places get booked up so now is the time. Start making the arrangements right away for your cruise.

Fortunately, there’s another kind of venue that you should think about including in your plans. One of the best party ideas around right now is a cruise. These cruises take place on luxurious boats that you can book, on an exclusive basis if there are enough of you, and take you on a leisurely cruise around Sydney Harbour.

How Do Your Organise Catamaran Hire Sydney

The party cruises can last for anything between 1 hour and 4 hours and, here’s the best bit, you can arrange to be accompanied by a few good-looking waitresses, topless or lingerie clad if you like, who will also put on an X-rated or R-rated show for you and the guys to enjoy.

Now that, in itself, would make for a great bucks party. But I started this article by saying that we should make your party special. By mixing up a few different catamaran hire Sydney ideas and seek out a few different bucks party vessels.

The way that party specialists 5 Star Cruises go about this is to offer you a cruise in Sydney in conjunction with the use of one of their stylish and exclusive venues in or around the town itself.

So, a typical party could include meeting up at a venue in Sydney for a few drinks and just getting into a party mood, then making your way to your cruise boat for a nice relaxed cruise around the harbour area with plenty to eat and drink and some really attractive girls to serve and entertain you.

Afterwards you could go back to another venue or just hit the town as you see fit. Transport between bucks party venues and to and from the bucks homes could be arranged. We have an arrangement with Big Mummer and can arrange very attractive rates – just another of their great ideas.


Also we are the only bucks party cruise company that let you choose the actual girls that you want. They will accompany you on your cruise. The chances of making yours the bucks party of the century start to improve.

So when you start to think about locations and unusual ideas. You could save a lot of time by contacting 5 Star cruises and letting them give you the benefit of their experience in organising a great event.

Bucks Party Cruise

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